Systm Episode 60: Build Your Own NAS

An older post, but still good, Systm walks through installing FreeNAS:

If you’re just itching for an excuse to reuse that retired desktop PC or laptop sitting in your closet there here’s your chance. Today we’ll be looking at the basics of installing FreeNAS, an open-source DIY NAS. So instead of spending money on off the shelf options why not save yourself some cash and make use of the stuff you already have and get a super customizable network storage device to boot.

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One thought on “Systm Episode 60: Build Your Own NAS”

  1. I’m looking to build my own NAS device under $1000 thatscmainly Gunna b axmedia player and maybe I’ll runn lossless sound threw a good sound card my stereo system is about $7000 wen I m done so I want the truest sound I was wondering if there was a way to run my bell expressvu threw my NAS with a good GPU so I can use it as a PVR like from the box to the NAS to the Main TV then have DLNA for my other 3 tvs’s in different rooms 1 ps3 1 360 and 1 DLNA blu ray so suggestions wud b great

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