Recommend a NAS to Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds is asking for a NAS recommendation on Google+:

If it runs Linux, that’s obviously a plus, but no, I’m not looking for something to play with. Quite the reverse. I’m looking for something I can ignore and not worry about.

via Linus Torvalds

2 thoughts on “Recommend a NAS to Linus Torvalds”

  1. I recommend OpenMediaVault. It has all the basic features of NAS as a storage. It does not need an LVM set up like OpenFiler. It supports ext4 (NAS4Free apparently doesn’t) as well as NTFS. It is easy to setup.

  2. Not to worry.?

    Well Linus ain’t poor. Cash not being a problem.
    Well i would go for DSM 5.1 on synology ds1813+. You can scale up and do basically nothing to do that.

    Id go further and go for a rack, so you can scale up easily.
    Synology Rackstation RS814RP+ 4 Bay – Dual Core 2.13Ghz CPU – Redundant PSU .

    Then if you want you can always customize it afterward with a xeon processor , Always go for e3-1200 series possibly V3 that is Low powered to keep green.

    Again it comes down to cash.

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