Ubuntu Server 13.10 Released with Two Stable SSD Caching Options

Ubuntu Server 13.10 is out, and with it comes the 3.11 kernel with production-ready Bcache and dm-cache SSD caching options. SSD caching can help speed up NAS devices significantly by allowing reads and writes to hit SSDs before slower rotational media.

Ubuntu 13.1o is considered a stable release, although it’s only supported for 9 months. The next release will be 14.04 LTS with 5 years of support.

Information about other server package updates in Ubuntu 13.10 can be found in the release notes.

One thought on “Ubuntu Server 13.10 Released with Two Stable SSD Caching Options”

  1. It is 2014 and we have version 14 now.

    Ubuntu Server 14.10

    Anyone use this? The latest version of Ubuntu Server, including the Juno release of OpenStack and support for nine months — 64 bit only.

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