Building Your Own NAS: Silverstone DS380 Chassis Tested, Reviewed

TechSpot combines some popular NAS components, a Silverstone DS380 case, Asrock C2750D4I motherboard, and FreeNAS.

Assembling your own NAS would net more performance as well because you’d be using a Celeron or Pentium over the Atom or other SoCs, while power shouldn’t be a concern with Haswell using less than 30 watts at idle. As the cherry on top, open source software such as FreeNAS and enclosures like Silverstone’s DS380 should make it less daunting to get started with your homebrewed eight-bay NAS server.

via TechSpot.

One thought on “Building Your Own NAS: Silverstone DS380 Chassis Tested, Reviewed”

  1. I build 2 weeks ago. it has 16 GB ECC kingston ram(2X8GB) I tested freenas, Unas and openmediavault NAS OS. I like Openmediavault because openmediavault is very friendly and simple. If You want spend around 1000 usd for NAS it is best choose for me. Hard disk not included. have good day.

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