NAS Drive Prices

Size Western Digital Red Seagate NAS HDD HGST Deskstar NAS
1 TB $60.99 $64.99 not offered
2 TB $89.99 $79.99 not offered
3 TB $109.00 $107.18 -
4 TB - $124.99 $162.85
5 TB $291.18 not offered $208.99
6 TB $234.49 $230.97 $249.99
8 TB $318.95 $294.95 not offered
10 TB not offered $448.99 not offered

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Seagate’s New ‘Guardian Series’ Portfolio Brings 10TB Helium HDDs to Consumers

Seagate announced a new line of consumer NAS hard drives named IronWolf. They come in capacities up to 10 TB, are 7200 RPM, and include vibration sensors.

The IronWolf series is focused on hard drives for the NAS segment, currently served by vendors such as Synology and QNAP.

Source: AnandTech: Seagate’s New ‘Guardian Series’ Portfolio Brings 10TB Helium HDDs to Consumers

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The ins and outs of planning and building your own home NAS

Ars Technica walks through building a Windows NAS:

At this point, I had a couple of options. I could spend more money on a better, faster NAS, one that wouldn’t disappoint me with its performance. Or… I could go ahead and build my own, which would give me the flexibility to build basically whatever box I wanted. Inspired by our recent articles on building a living room gaming PC and a DIY router, I decided to take the more Ars option.

Source: The ins and outs of planning and building your own home NAS | Ars Technica

WD Red Pro 6 TB Review – High Performance NAS HDD Gets a Capacity Bump

AnandTech reviews the 6 TB, 7200RPM Western Digital Red Pro NAS hard drive.

Western Digital was the first to introduce a 6 TB drive in the SOHO NAS drive space, but Seagate came back a few months later with a souped-up 6 TB Enterprise NAS HDD targeting the SMB / SME NAS units. Last month, Western Digital finally released the 6 TB version of the WD Red Pro for the SMB / SME NAS units.

Source: WD Red Pro 6 TB Review – High Performance NAS HDD Gets a Capacity Bump

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Hard Drive Failure: Analysis of 49,056 Hard Drives

Backblaze’s latest drive reliability stats are out.

we are publishing data on 49,056 hard drives spread across 26 different models, varying from 1.0TB to 8.0TB in size.

Source: Backblaze: Hard Drive Failure: Analysis of 49,056 Hard Drives

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Accidental Tech Podcast: 141: Chain-Link-Fenced Garden

The Mac-focused podcast talks about home storage.

Large-storage needs at home: NAS, Drobo, or external hard drives?

Source: Accidental Tech Podcast: 141: Chain-Link-Fenced Garden

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QNAP TS-451+ SOHO NAS Review

AnandTech reviews the QNAP TS-451+ NAS.

A look at the specifications reveals that the core SoC and memory capacity seem to be similar to the TS-x53 Pro launched last year. However, while the TS-x53 Pro targets the mid-end SMB market, the focus of the TS-x51 is more towards the home consumer side.

Source: QNAP TS-451+ SOHO NAS Review

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WD Red Pro 6 TB Review – High Performance NAS HDD Gets a Capacity Bump

AnandTech reviews the 6 TB Western Digital Red Pro hard drive.

The WD Red Pro is meant for rackmount units up to 16 bays, but is not intended to be a replacement for drives such as the WD Re.

Source: WD Red Pro 6 TB Review – High Performance NAS HDD Gets a Capacity Bump

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HGST Deskstar NAS 6 TB Review on AnandTech

HGST aims to fill that space with the 6 TB Deskstar NAS. It falls in the same market category as the WD Red. However, the HGST Deskstar NAS drives have a 7200 RPM rating and the 5 / 6 TB variants come with 128 MB of DRAM cache. This is expected to make them perform closer to the Seagate Enterprise Capacity v4 and Enterprise NAS HDD drives. In the remainder of the review, we will try to determine whether that is the case.

via AnandTech

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Should I Use a DIY PC for My NAS or Buy an Enclosure?

Lifehacker goes over the pros and cons of building a NAS from an old PC or buying a prebuilt one.

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ASUS P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L (Intel Avoton) Server Motherboard Review

Tweak Town reviews and benchmarks a Mini-ITX, passively cooled, 18 drive, 4 NIC, IPMI NAS motherboard by ASUS.

The unique feature of this platform is low power use or green design, which allows it to be run with a passive cooling system. This also offers low running cost with power saving features.

via Tweak Town

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Building Your Own NAS: Silverstone DS380 Chassis Tested, Reviewed

TechSpot combines some popular NAS components, a Silverstone DS380 case, Asrock C2750D4I motherboard, and FreeNAS.

Assembling your own NAS would net more performance as well because you’d be using a Celeron or Pentium over the Atom or other SoCs, while power shouldn’t be a concern with Haswell using less than 30 watts at idle. As the cherry on top, open source software such as FreeNAS and enclosures like Silverstone’s DS380 should make it less daunting to get started with your homebrewed eight-bay NAS server.

via TechSpot.

WD Red Pro Review: 4 TB Drives for NAS Systems Benchmarked

AnandTech reviews and benchmarks a bunch of 4TB NAS and server hard drives.

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The Ars NAS distribution shootout: FreeNAS vs NAS4Free

Ars Technica takes a look at the most popular NAS distributions available for x86/x86-64 hardware.

Today, we’re going to look at two ready-to-rock ZFS-enabled network attached storage distributions: FreeNAS and NAS4Free.

via Ars Technica.

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Storage Pod 4.0: Direct Wire Drives – Faster, Simpler and Less Expensive

Backblaze is back with a new version of their Storage Pod. The major change is that they got rid of their port multiplier backplanes, and instead are going with drives directly attached to two expensive 40-port SATA cards.

The port multipliers have always been a negative aspect of their build to me, as I can see them causing problems, slowing down performance, and being difficult to integrate into a standard PC case. Their replacement is two $700 40-port SATA cards. The downside to these is price, and while I’d love to have one of these cards in my 20-drive file server, it’s out of my budget.

I guess I’ll keep waiting for an affordable, high-port count SATA card.

For the first time since the original Storage Pod, Backblaze is announcing a completely redesigned approach with the introduction of the first “direct wire” Storage Pod. This new Storage Pod performs four times faster, is simpler to assemble, and delivers our lowest cost per gigabyte of data storage yet. And, once again, it’s open source.

via Backblaze Blog 

Synology DiskStation DS214se Review

The DiskStation DS214se is Synology’s economical two-bay NAS with the capability to host, share, and protect data and is optimized to be an personal NAS server running the ever incomparable DiskStation Manager (DSM).


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